“Happy Balloons” The little things that makes your event Unforgetable!

Everyone wants their event to be special, something totally unique, an event that everyone will remember…

But how do you turn your celebration into a truly special event?

The answer lies in the small details – Decorations, Souvenirs, and the “Show”.

Let the professional team at “The Happy Balloon” handle all those little details and turn your special event – whether family or business – into an unforgettable experience.

Fireworks, Balloons, Dove Releases, and Confetti Machines.


Our balloon services provide a wide variety of amazing designs and original ideas that will upgrade your event to a new level.

Dove Releases

Releasing doves at the climax of the event. Dozens of doves spread their wings and soar upward right before your guests’ eyes, creating a remarkable and unforgettable moment.


Throughout the event we will photograph each of the guests and print up their photos along with greetings from the hosts on magnets. All the photos will be placed on a large magnet board and each guest can take home his photo. A wonderful reminder of a great time.


Amuse your guests in an original way: have a caricaturist draw comical portraits of each guest on the spot. Great souvenir idea!

Unforgetable Experience!